Here's where I muse, I knit, I crochet, I quilt, I rant, I rave, I carry on about the world in general. My patterns and notes on patterns will appear on Knit Knack Patty Shack.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Posted My First Pattern at . . .

. . . and I'm so excited about it! Well, it's more of a knit and crochet along, but still, IT'S AWESOME!!!

Now I'm off to play some Little Big Planet on my PS3!!!!

ETA: Ravelry informed that my pattern for a group-along-project would be delted because it wasn't an actual pattern. So i'm asking that if you are on Ravelry and you are following along wqith me than you should put this tag "cable-a-day" (without quotes) in your tags on your project page. Thanks and happy fibering!



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