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Friday, May 7, 2010

Gonna Try Something New . . .

Back during April I bought Cables and Arans by The Harmony Guides. I haven't made the first thing from it, but I have thumbed throught it man times. So I come to the decision today that I will try a cable a day--or something along those lines.

I'm going to start with the first page and work my way through it--there are 250 different ones. Each will be made with a differnt yarn, some with the same just because hubby says I have use up the yarn in my stash. I will be using different size needles--whatever strikes my fancy when I pick a yarn for whatever stitch I'm doing. I will do at least one multiple unless it's small, and then I'll increase by one or two or whatever I feel like at the time. Each will have a minimum of two repeats.

I may wait until i have them all to make a blanket, or I may use however many strike my fancy. But blankets won't be the only projects here. The idea is to create a stitch stash. Just random squares of stitches that get used for whatver hankering comes along--even if it's a coaster.

So why don't you join me? Even if you don't have the book, there are plenty of free cable stitches--both knit and crochet--everywhere you turn. I will posting my progress here and on Ravelry. You don't ahve to make a cable everyday do two a day or one a week. The choice is ours. Today we release ourselves from mundane patterns--for the time being--and create something with form and function mixed with randomness and inspiration!

Knit--and crochet--on, Fiberistas!



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