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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Musing on Feet

So, I was outside with my two year old the other day on the porch taking random pictures here and there. He caught me taking pictures of his feet and begged me to take another pic of his feet. So much so that he sat down and posed for me.

At first I thought nothing of the picture, and went about my way; but later while he was still on on the poech and I went back into the house to answer the phone, I decided to look at the pictures that I had taken.
I love how his toes crinkle up, how they've got dirt on them, but most of all how proud he is of them. I printed this picture off and put it in a plastic frame and lo and behold if he didn't want it in his room!
It reminds me that no matter where my feet have travelled , what roads I have been down, I should always be proud of my feet, 'cause they're taking me places!



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