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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Love Dare: Day 12

Love lets the other win.

I new there'd be a bump n this road somewhere along the way. Today's' challenge: willingly choose to give in to an area of disagreement between you and your spouse and tell them you are putting their preference first.

The area I choose to give in to: the Pop-Tart. I am ejecting her out of the toaster, considering her burnt and untasty, and politely throwing her away! I will not be mentioning her again, unless she decides to crawl out of the garbage can, and then who knows what I'll do. . . .but anyhooligans.

BTW, tried for the permit again and got it! YYYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY! On a sad note, though, I have to find someone to teach me how to drive. :-( (extreme pouting and frustration goin' on here).

I'm off to church. Back later.

Day 12 endnote:
Church was good. Learned a couple of valuable lessons. learned about some things that were my responsibility. All in all, an eye opener. Marriage still in southbound lane, but currently parked on the shoulder. I'm out walkin around, he's still sittin trying to figure out if he's gonna turn the car around or not.

Back tomorrow.



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