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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Love Dare: Day 2

Love is kind.

That is today's lesson. The challenge is to do an unexpected gesture as a random act of kindness. I tried that yesterday and was shot down for it. So, my RAK for today is silince. He won't expect me to be silent or patient or to listen without talking.

He's staying with his dad, across the street. But he feels a million miles away to me. I haven't slept next to him in 2 nights (tonight will make three) and already I feel alone and abandoned. He only lets me hug him before he leaves to go back to his dad's house. Other than that, I'm not allowed to sit next to him or get near him. He only emails me while he is at work. If I want to hear his voice I have to wait til his break or I have to wait til he's leaving work so I can call him. I only caused part of the damage, but I'm being brute force punished. Eventually, I will have to stop seeing him and stop talking to him. It only makes the pain in my chest worse.

So the beginning of day 2 is not off to a good start. Chances are it won't end well either. More later.

Day 2 endnote:
Success! Well, sorta. My RAK from yesterday was appreciated and he said thank you. Hes' sort of seeing a therapist, too. She works in the same place his does but she holds a degree in sociology which means she had to take a lot of psychology. So he's been talking to her. Today his voice was lighter, like it usually is. We're still in the southbound lane, but the car is no longer flyin, it's slowin down little by little. I am amazed with me. And if you know me, you wold be amazed too.

More tomorrow.



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